What you will receive immediately after purchase.
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As soon as you have purchased your AstroGrams™ you will receive an official receipt. It will, show the message of your AstroGrams™, the chosen destination, and the serial number of your AstroGrams™.

Package you will receive after Launch.
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The AstroGrams™ you have made will be sent into space to your chosen destination. If you have selected a mission where your AstroGrams™ are returned to Earth (The ISS mission) it will be affixed to the official Certificate once the AstroGrams™ are returned from space. If your chosen mission is to space an exact replica of your AstroGrams™ will be printed on your official Certificate. All AstroGrams™ will be registered with the International Space Registry®.

Your official Certificate will, apart from including your AstroGrams™, (attached if it is being sent to the ISS, or an exact printed replica of it is sent into space orbit) have a lithographed signature of Charlie Duke, LMP, Apollo 16 and CapCom, Apollo 11 together with the signature of the Launch Director. In addition your AstroGrams™ will be registered with the International Space Registry. This means that you can search, at any time in the future after launch, the International Space Registry® for a copy of your AstroGrams™ and the current location if still in space.

You will receive a welcome letter from Charlie Duke, LMP Apollo 16 and Capcom Apollo 11 detailing how he left a photo of his family on the moon when he walked there in 1972..

As part of your AstroGrams™ purchase you will receive a copy of the Rocket Manifest showing that your AstroGrams™ were loaded onto the launch vehicle. It will include the full rocket specifications as well as the rocket trajectory.

You will receive a sheet of AstroGrams™ stickers, six in color and six in black-and-white for your personal use. Use them to show that you have purchased AstroGrams™ or give them away or use them to decorate your fridge or perhaps notebooks.

Add-On Souvernirs to compliment your purchase.
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For $99.99 - Charlie Duke, Lunar Module Pilot, Apollo 16, and CapCom, Apollo 11, will personally autograph your certificate, making it an even more unique collectors item.
For $49.99 - Custom Framing of your Personalized AstroGrams™ Certificate. ...
For $19.99 - Create a customized personal mission patch with your name embroidered. ...
For $19.99 - Have a duplicate AstroGrams™ embedded in a KeyChain to carry with you - to display your message with pride.
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