Upcoming Missions!
Your AstroGrams™ will launch into space and reach an altitude up to 1,200 miles outside of Earth's atmosphere.
MissionName: Eos
LaunchDate: First Half of 2020
Other Upcoming Launches:
MissionName: Gaia
LaunchDate: Planned Q4, 2020
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Your AstroGrams™ will launch and dock with the International Space Station (ISS) where they will remain for several months. Once the mission is completed your AstroGram will be returned to Earth and affixed to a Certificate of Authenticity.
MissionName: Panorama
LaunchDate: Planned Q3, 2020
Watch ISS Live.
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Your AstroGrams™ will follow those amazing Apollo astronauts towards the Moon, around 239,000 miles from Earth.
MissionName: Duke
LaunchDate: Planned Q1, 2022
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Your AstroGrams™ will journey to Mars, the 'Red Planet', where they will eventually be over 250 million miles from Earth.
MissionName: Chryse
LaunchDate: To be Determined
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Your AstroGrams™ will launch from Earth and head towards new Galaxies - a truly ground breaking mission - heading away from Earth.
MissionName: Cronus
LaunchDate: To be Determined
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