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 AstroGrams™ NewsLetter: September 2020
AstroGrams™ Dispatch
When nothing on Earth will do...Say it in Space!
September 21st, 2020
AstroGrams™ is a GO for Loading!

AstroGrams Inc.™ passed a significant milestone earlier this month when its maiden payload, full of plaques with messages to be launched into space, was sent to Firefly Aerospace™ in Texas. The plaques have been produced with total precision over the past several weeks, making sure that strict engineering requirements were met. Firefly's rocket for its maiden voyage is now on its way to Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California, to be ready to launch later this year.

Actual Laser
Engraved AstroGram™
Astrogram Plaque
International Space Station - HERE WE COME!

During the next several months, further AstroGrams™ payload launches will take place. AstroGrams™ is particularly excited to be sending plaques, on behalf of pediatric patients, to the International Space Station (ISS) in the near future. All plaques sent to the ISS remain on the Station for a few months before they are returned to Earth and affixed to the certificates.

Declared AstroGrams™ Launch Partners
Surgical Mask
Celebrating in Space

In recognition and support of our first responders and frontline workers, as well as remembering those who have been lost during the current Covid crisis, AstroGrams™ made 5,000 messages available, free of charge, to be sent into space. Our social media director, Danelle said that she was delighted, on behalf of AstroGrams™, to make such messages available to essential workers and those who had lost loved ones.

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