AstroGrams™ 411!
Q. What missions are available?
A. Space, the International Space Station (ISS), the Moon, Mars and into Interstellar Space. You will have the ability to choose which destination during the creation process. ...
Q. How do I make AstroGrams™?
A. By choosing Booking on the Home Menu, or clicking on the Book Now Ticket you will be directed to the AstroGrams™ builder page. The builder page allows you to create an original artifact to be sent to space.
Q. What are AstroGrams™ for?
A. AstroGrams™ are for any occasion...when nothing on Earth will do! Celebrate or commemorate special events, show your pride, share your love, memorialize or honor someone or send a message to space just because! ...
Q. What do you receive at the time of purchase?
A. You will receive an itemized receipt of your purchases along with your printable "Mission Ticket" including your assigned unique ID number and launch stats with QR code to access detailed launch information. ...
Q. How many plaques will be included on each launch?
A. Each payload from AstroGrams™ will be limited and are expected to sell out well before each launch date.
Q. When will my AstroGrams™ launch?
A. You will be notified with updated launch information/links by email and from the AstroGrams™ website. All AstroGrams™ will be launched as close to the original mission dates as possible. ...
Q. What happens after my successful launch?
A. CONGRATULATIONS! Now your Certificate of Authenticity with verified launch info which includes a picture of your AstroGrams™ and any mission souvenirs will be sent to you or your gift recipient. ...
Q. How can AstroGrams™ Inc send plaques into space so affordably?
A. By minimizing the size and weight of our "Payload" we can include a substantial number of plaques spreading out the cost while enabling a larger number of people to participate in the expanding opportunities of space exploration.
Q. Which Missions are Round-Trip?
A. Currently on the International Space Station (ISS) mission is round-trip. Upon mission completion you will receive your space traveling AstroGrams™ with your Certificate of Authenticity.
Q. What are AstroGrams™ made of?
A. To ensure that these original artifacts will be enduring, AstroGrams™ will be engraved on an aluminum plaque more impervious to atmospheric degradation with the potential to last a lifetime.
Q. Do AstroGrams™ affect the environment?
A. AstroGrams™ are considered "secondary payload" traveling with pre-planned missions. Due to the ultimate destination of our plaques no Space Debris will result from their distribution. ...
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