AstroGrams™ is "Go for Launch"

For Immediate Release
November 19th, 2019

AstroGrams™ is 'Go for Launch' and is pleased to announce that its inaugural spaceflight will form part of the Dedicated Research and Education Accelerator Mission [DREAM payload provided by Firefly Aerospace].

It will launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California onboard Firefly's Alpha maiden launch.

Moonwalker from Apollo 16, Charlie Duke, commented that "All of us at AstroGrams™ are delighted to have been selected by Firefly to launch our first payload into space. This payload is carrying messages written by pediatric patients in hospitals across the globe. It is very appropriate that their metal plaques with good wishes and special words are to be carried on Firefly's DREAM payload."

Charlie Duke added, "The reason I helped establish AstroGrams™ is because it reminds me of when I went to the moon all those years ago. When I walked on the moon I took a photo of my family along and wrote a brief message on the back of the photo to leave on the moon. I wanted my family to be part of my mission and it was my way of taking them with me - to celebrate my family. AstroGrams™ allows anyone to send their message into space. It enables anyone to celebrate, commemorate or communicate in space in a truly unique way. This special payload is for pediatric patients in hospitals and, early next year, they will be able to watch their messages blast off into space via a webcam on the internet. As well as encouraging interest in space, we wish to stimulate and hearten children's spirits by providing a personal reason for them to look forward to space launches. Part of every AstroGrams™ payload will include such messages written by pediatric patients. We look forward to working with Firefly on many other missions together."

Firefly CEO Dr. Tom Markusic said, "We are delighted to have been able to provide this opportunity to AstroGrams™ to launch pediatric patient's messages into space aboard our DREAM payload. This launch will be the start of Firefly's efforts to fulfill our mission of providing the reliable, convenient, and frequent access to space that our customers critically require. The future of the space economy is being created now. We are delighted to be able to help fulfill children's dreams on this DREAM payload."

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AstroGrams™ mission is to promote awareness of space. To make people feel part of the space program, by celebrating, commemorating and communicating personally through "launching" their personal AstroGrams™. Based in Cape Canaveral and under the tutelage of Charlie Duke (LMP Apollo 16 and Capcom, Apollo 11), AstroGrams™ offers people the ability worldwide to inscribe a small metal plaque with their name, and a message and send it into space starting from $99. This is done via the internet, at, (using a smartphone, tablet or PC) from a simple self-service selection menu. Customers can celebrate any person or occasion (e.g. birthday, wedding, anniversary, holiday, graduation etc.) or 'just because'. Clip art or a photo can also be added to plaques.

AstroGrams™ Contact:
Tom O'Connor



Firefly is developing a family of launch and in-space vehicles and services that provide industry-leading affordability, convenience and reliability. Firefly's launch vehicles utilize common technologies, manufacturing infrastructure and launch capabilities, providing LEO launch solutions for up to four metric tons of payload at the lowest cost/kg in the small-lift class. Combined with Firefly's in-space vehicles, such as the Orbital Transfer Vehicle and Genesis Lander, Firefly provides the space industry with a one-stop shop for missions to the surface of the Moon or beyond. Headquartered in Cedar Park, TX, Firefly has additional presence in Washington, D.C., Dnipro, Ukraine and Tokyo, Japan. Firefly is financed by Noosphere Ventures of Menlo Park, CA.

Firefly Contact:
Eric Salwan