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April 16th, 2019

Messages of Thanks and Support to the Stars

Thank You Health Workers and All Essential Workers
and Messages of Commemoration to Loved Ones, a company which enables people to send messages into Space on a rocket, which are created on the internet and then receive a personalized "Certificate of Launch to the Stars" would like to offer 2,500 free messages in support of Health workers, First Responders and all Essential workers and 2,500 free messages of love and condolence to people who have lost loved ones to COVID-19.

Since AstroGrams™ was started at the end of 2019 it has also been working with various charitable organizations (primarily pediatric patients and their families) and organizations for under privileged children, and schools to send messages into Space of hope and inspiration, at no cost.

Moonwalker and Lunar Module Pilot, Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke, and a director of AstroGrams™, said: "Our deepest and sincere condolences go out to all families who have lost a loved one to the virus. Our thoughts are with you during these challenging times. In addition, our warmest thanks go out to all health, and all other front line essential workers throughout the world. We all owe you a debt of great gratitude. In this small way, by making some AstroGrams™ free, enabling people to send messages to the stars, we hope to inspire and encourage everyone to think positively and with love."

Tom O' Connor, Director added: "We will shortly launch our first rocket payload from California, USA. All of us at AstroGrams™ cannot even begin to express our sorrow for families who have or will experience the loss of a loved one during this challenging time. We also want to thank each and every person for their contributions to fighting this pandemic from those on the front lines across the globe, to those staying safe at home."

He added, "As the current pandemic has taken hold, Health Workers, First Responders, frontline workers, and families who have suffered losses to COVID-19 have been on our hearts. With the remaining time and space on our initial EOS Space Mission, AstroGrams™ would like to include 2,500 MEMORY messages for families who have suffered a loss of a loved one to COVID-19, as well as 2,500 messages of HOPE for First Responders, Healthcare workers, and other Front Line essential workers."

If you are a Health, or other Front Line worker (or know one) and wish to send a message into Space, amongst the stars, and receive/send them a personalized Certificate of Launch, which includes a copy of the message, simply go to Then complete the information with your details to receive an email to enable you to create your message of thanks/support.

Similarly, if you have lost a loved one to COVID-19 and would like to send a message to the stars, simply go to Then complete the information with your details to receive an email to enable you to create your message to your loved one.

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AstroGrams™' mission is to promote awareness of space. To make people feel part of the space program, by celebrating, commemorating and communicating personally through "launching" their personal AstroGrams™. Based in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA and under the tutelage of Astronaut and Moonwalker Charlie Duke, (Lunar Module Pilot, Apollo 16 and Capcom, Apollo 11), AstroGrams™ offers people the ability worldwide to inscribe a small metal plaque with their name, and a message and send it into space. When the message is sent into space, senders receive a personalized "Certificate of Launch", which includes the message and a Welcome Letter from Charlie Duke. AstroGrams™ are created via the internet, at, (using a smartphone, tablet or pc) from a simple self-service selection menu. Customers can celebrate any person or occasion.


Talking about the new company Charlie Duke said: "The reason I helped establish AstroGrams™ is because it reminds me of when I went to the moon all those years ago. I had taken a photo of my family along with me and written a brief message on the back, which was then left on the moon. It was my desire to make my family part of the mission, so this was my way of taking them with me and recognizing the role they have played in my life. AstroGrams™ will allow anyone to send their own message into space, enabling them to celebrate, commemorate or communicate an important event or loved one in a truly unique way."

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